This forum is focused on the German audience and with that said, is in fact written 100% in German. They do have the typical forum language exchange sections at the bottom, but you will find very little information in English.

Google does do a great job of translating the page and all of its text and after translating, you can certainly find tons of information regarding cryptocurrencies. This forum really is the same as all the other crypto forums, except its in German.

The forum does seem to be quite active and friendly with users ranging from beginners to experts. At the time of writing this review, there were over 200 users online and over 5k users registered.

They have many topics which includes:

General Discussion

Press release

Technology, Development and Safety


Laws and Taxes

General Altcoin Discussion

Altcoin Mining

Stock Exchanges and trading venues for altcoins

Economical discussions

Price development and chart analysis

Cryptocurrency acceptance

Trading discussions

Services discussions

Classifieds/ jobs/ offers/ escrows,

Stock Exchange discussion

Bitcoin.De forum





Bitcoin central

Money transfer systems


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