Bitcoin Garden Forum

Bitcoin Gardens forums offer a very similar discussion environment as other crypto related forums. Nothing really stands out above the rest here. The forum is decently populated and seems to be very active. I found 58 people online and over 22,000 members registered at the time of writing this review.

It does seem to be a great place for beginners and experts alike to come together and share ideas. The forum is very focused on crypto, so you won’t find many other topics.

Like most of the other crypto forums, several languages other than English are provided their own sections.


– Cryptocurrencies

Coin Home

Crypto Discussion







– Crypto earning, products, tools and services.

Crypto products and services

Useful Cryptocurrency Resources

Cryptocurrency gaming and gambling

Investing and money programs

Crypto & the adult entertainment business


– Soft discussion & support

Member introductions

Site news, suggestions, guides and support

General Discussion, non-crypto related


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