Beermoney forum

Beer Money Forum (BMF) is precisely where I would see my dad going to find out how to make money in the simplest fashion possible to fuel his endless fishing fantasy. Here you’ll find a group of guys that just simply want to make a little money on the side and are generally taken off-topic by various other topics (fishing included).

I like it, though. I find it better for casual reading and it’s quite nice to get away from all the super intense Crypto speak. Of course, this beermoneyforum forum really isn’t that much different from others, such as bitcointalk, and isn’t nearly as active either, but there are certainly still people standing by to chat.

Beermoneyforum isn’t totally focused on cryptocurrency, however, there is a pretty sizable discussion going on relating to several cryptocurrency topics. As of writing, there are over 33,500 cryptocurrency-related posts and comments with the last one being less than 1 minute ago.

Features of Beermoneyforum section CryptoCurrency

Beermoneyforum has a whole section related to Cryptocurrencies and it is nicely divided into categories of:

– Bitcoin forum (where you will find related Beermoneyforum users discussion about bitcoin)

– Altcoins forum ( interesting discussion of Beermoneyforum members about altcoins)

– Airdrops forum (this part is a bit tricky and comes with the warning, that you have to be aware of some scams going on by some fake members of Beermoneyforum)

– Mining Forum (useful if you are a miner or you are going to become one. You can ask a question some experienced miners on Beermoneyforum)

– Cloud Mining Reviews (you will find a lot of new cloud mining companies, but be aware not all the members of Beermoneyforum have good intentions)

– Crypto Wallets Reviews (here you can find threads of Beermoneyforum members about crypto wallets, also be aware of your safety)

– E-currency Exchange Reviews (here you will find usually new cryptocurrency exchanges review be cautioned that if an exchange isn’t tested by pro and is only suggested from beermoneyforum member it can be dangerous to put your coins there)

– Faucets Reviews (this one is the most challenging part of thebeermoneyforum because in faucets you can find a lot of scams so check it with caution, and remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch)

I love it. It’s not going to be the most mind-blowing space for cryptocurrency information but it’s still a useful discussion board and contains copious amounts of information.


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