PhunWallet Airdrop (30 PHUN token)

A blockchain-enabled, mobile-first engagement platform connecting brands and consumers

PhunToken (PHTK) is an innovative cryptocurrency brought to you by Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN). Brands can now deploy a white-labeled loyalty and rewards ecosystem that leverages blockchain in order to engage with consumers and reward them for profitable behavior. Consumers are able to opt-in and engage with brands while maintaining full control over their digital identity.

What is it?
PhunToken is a utility token that is reimagining how brands engage with consumers in a blockchain-enabled, mobile-first world.

What can I do with it?
Profitable Behavior: Monetize your digital activity by engaging with brands.

Give me an example!
Earn PhunToken for completing a survey or for participating in a branded marketing campaign.

Why should I want it?
Invest in the value of the features and capabilities available in Phunware’s mobile loyalty ecosystem.

What is the PHTK Contract Address?


How to get free PHUN token ?

  1.  Download App
  2. -Create Wallet & Click Phrase (Please save your wallet Phrase)
  3. Complete Survey

You can get an extra 2.4 PHUN tokens when you take attendance every day



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