Crypton App

Crypton App is a website which leads to the download link for the application through App store and a link which leads to the Telegram group. Clicking on the link which takes users to the App store, it would be interesting to note that there are quite a lot of info on the site.

It first gives a brief description about the makers of the application and what the application stands for. Below this description, is the rating of the applications which are meant for the users of Crypton App to utilize. Below this, are some screenshots of how the application looks like on an iPhone.

Going further down the page, below the screenshots, is a description about Crypton. It starts with an opinion that Crypton is the best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency tracker application for iOS which is free. It also lists out some features of the application which are the fact that that no registration is needed, amongst other mouth-watering features.

Looking at the Telegram group, there are few members available, and the group seems to be very dormant. The group has no shared media and no group description.


Crypton App home page has a download link which leads to App store and another link which leads to their Telegram group



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