CoinMarketCap is a website which has to do with the market capitalization of various crypto-currencies. A click on the page would see a sub-heading which reads “Top 100 Cryptocurrencies By Market Capitalization”. Below this, is the ranking of coins from the top down to the last. There are various basis for the ranking of these crypto-currencies, and they are: The price in USD, the change, market capitalization, the supply and volume. In addition to this, there is also a price graph.

For the rankings, it comes in various categories. Ranking can be done for just the first 100, the full list can also be displayed. In addition to this, the coins can be filtered alone, according to the top 100, the full list, the market cap according to the circulating supply, the market cap according to total supply, and the non-mineable. The same basis applies to ranking just Tokens and Exchanges, except for the fact that there is the exclusion of non-mineable for Tokens, and the market cap info for exchanges.


1. The website shows a ranking of all crypto-currencies

2. CoinMarketCap also categorizes the rankings into coins, tokens and exchanges

3. Asides the ranking on CoinMarketCap, it also has a trending section which shows the Gainers and Losers

4. CoinMarketCap also has tools and services which would be very beneficial to the site’s users

5. At the bottom of the page, are useful links for users of the sites


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