Earn Money Libra Token

Token Symbol LDT
Estimated value N/A
Expiry date
Published date July 25, 2020

Token Overview

LibraDragon is an innovative Crypto-Game in 2020. LibraDragon is the first blockchain game in POP mode. We hope POP mode will be widely used in the blockchain gaming industry.

  • Register and reward 2 LDT
  • During the game, the system will ramdomly reward you with a  Libra Dragon (Rate now 2.51 LDT)
  • Invitation (reach Lv.15)

Get 5 LDT (1-Tier)

Get 2 LDT (2-Tier)

How to play?

Buy dragon and drag and drop dragons of the same level, upgradable.

How to withdraw ?

You need to reach level 30 and have 20 LDT